Can You Feel Sound?

Have you ever felt a sound? Did you even know that you could feel sounds? I recently saw a deaf singer on America's Got Talent and it was amazing! Here is the video of her singing:

Mind blowing, right? Mandy feels the vibrations through her feet. She is able to use her other senses to make her dream come true. 

Beethoven went deaf later in his life, but he felt vibrations through the piano. The Deaf can feel vibrations through the floor, wall or an instrument. As long as they can feel vibrations, they can feel the rhythm of the music and enjoy it just like those who can hear.

Sound Travel Diagrams

Sound Travel Diagrams

A big reason why I started Senses & Spaces was to help people realize their capabilities. Our senses are how we make our dreams come true, they are how we learn about the world and how we can give back.

I believe that if we used our senses more, we can learn more about ourselves and accomplish things we thought were impossible. 

Everyone, including the blind, the deaf and the disabled, has the power to make a difference. If you were amazed with what Mandy was able to do, imagine what you could do as well. Let's use our senses and learn more about what our human bodies can accomplish and make our dreams come true!