How Design Can Make You Feel Alive & Grateful

That moment you enter into a space and your initial reaction is "oooh" or "ahh"...and you feel like you are in the perfect place. You feel at peace. You feel happy. You feel alive & grateful. You feel inspired, and no matter what was going on that day, you know that everything will be okay.



You FEEL all of these emotions because of the space; Because of the design of this space. 

That, my friends, is Design Psychology.

For some of us, this space can be our living rooms, our bedrooms, or kitchens or even our workplace. For others, it can be our gardens, or the park down the street. The key is understand why we feel the way we do.


Why do we drool over certain styles, trends and colors, and turn our faces at others? How come some spaces inspire and motivate us while others give us anxiety and discomfort? Why do we find ourselves looking through the latest home design magazines and watching home makeovers on TV so that we can improve our homes more and more?




The simple answer is Design Psychology. Design Psychology is about being intentional with design. It's about bringing out your personality and the things that you love into your environment. When we tap into who we really are and understand what we like and dislike, we are able to bring our personalities to life! 


Every room is so much more than just a wall, a door, a window, a floor and a roof. Rather, it’s about creating a voice, a feel and personifying our homes, so that they speak and feel the words and emotions that we long for.


Our homes are a true reflection of us – who we really are.


Our home is where we live, where we breathe, where we have our families and socialize, possibly work, sleep and dream. Because we spend so much time in these environments, it only makes sense that we would want to understand them on the deepest level. Start to pay more attention to feeling than to thinking, and notice how different rooms and places make you feel. 


As a society, we are undoubtedly searching for something to make us feel better, more connected, more alive and more ourselves. When you become more intentional about the voices and emotions within your spaces, you can focus on creating positive, welcoming spaces in your home and reflect that positivity to those around you to make this world a little better. 




Each one of us has the tools and power in ourselves to create a better life, to be more grateful and to be more alive. I am a Certified Design Psychology Coach, and I am here to help you be more intentional with design and live a healthier and happier life.