Senses & Sushi

Put five siblings together for dinner, all with different personalities and different ages…what do you think you’ll get? Probably a lot of making fun and bickering, at least with my siblings. Now add in a blindfold to each one of them and imagine what the dinner will turn into!

From left to right: My sister, Darlene; my brother in law, Danny; my brother, Anthony; my sister, Daphne, and myself

From left to right: My sister, Darlene; my brother in law, Danny; my brother, Anthony; my sister, Daphne, and myself

My siblings and I went to Sushi on The Rock in La Jolla, CA for dinner last Sunday and they wanted to take on the challenge of eating blindfolded! The age gap between the oldest and the youngest of us is 11 years, and we all work in very different fields but one thing that we have in common is that we love food (who doesn’t?)! 

I can’t eat right now! I have one hand on my beer and one on my water! How are we going to eat?
— Danny
I’m going to put wasabi in your food!
— Anthony

I have to say that I am very proud of my siblings for doing this because it was a full house at the restaurant and it takes a lot of courage to do this. 

So we blindfolded ourselves from the entrance of the restaurant and our server guided us to our table. We walked in, Darlene, Danny, Anthony, Daphne and then myself, and there was a wall to our left that we used as a little guide. Some of us even held on to the shoulder of the person in front of us as a guide. The hostess didn’t really guide us verbally, so we had to figure out where to sit by feeling the table and chairs, but there was a slight problem – they gave us a table for four! Anthony waited on the side and raised his hand to get someone’s attention for another chair. He had his hand up for at least a minute until I decided to take my blindfold off and find him a chair myself.

I managed to get this photo before I grabbed the chair :) 

I managed to get this photo before I grabbed the chair :) 

We finally got situated & our server placed our order based off of the things we liked (she didn’t let us look at the menu). We planned to share all of the food instead of ordering individual plates, and I think that made the whole experience more challenging. We got fries, calamari and fried rice as appetizers. Every time one of us tried to grab a French fry, our fingers would end up in the ranch! When we were serving ourselves fried rice, some of us put too much while others barely put themselves any. It became even more challenging when the sushi rolls came because we had no idea what we were getting and there were so many plates on the table so we had to strategize. Danny picked up each roll and he passed it on and we started to communicate to each other what we thought we were eating. 

I think this was the first time we all ate with our hands in public, and we didn’t even care! I don’t think that the five of us have laughed so much during dinner like we laughed that night. It was really nice to not be so distracted by our surroundings, but instead be so focused on each other. At one point, I accidentally grabbed a French fry out of Daphne’s hand as she was putting it into her mouth! 

I can hear people walking back and forth.
— Daphne
I feel like I can hear all of the plates being washed in the kitchen. I can even hear the water running.
— Darlene

We noticed that we were able to hear so much more. We felt the sushi rolls and were able to determine which roll it was from the way it felt and smelled. Our taste buds became a lot more important as we were trying to decipher what was what.  

All of my rolls are pretty much a salad right now - a sushi salad!
— Anthony

I know that during this exercise, we felt like it was very hard to eat without our sight, but what we didn’t really pay attention to was that we were still capable of doing so much. 

If you believe that you can do it, then you will!
— Anthony

We noticed things that we wouldn’t have noticed with our sight, we got out of our comfort zones, we used different parts of our brain and we became excellent communicators and listeners. The server told us that someone came to our table and took a photo of us without even asking, so people were very intrigued. There is so much our bodies are capable of, but because our visual sense is so quick, we rely on it so much. I challenge you all to try to become more aware of your senses and try to learn something new about your amazing body.